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Frequently Asked Questions about "My Kangen Tools, LLC."

This F.A.Q. page was designed to help you get answers to your questions about My Kangen Tools, LLC. My Kangen Tools is a separate company from Enagic, Inc. If you have questions about processing an order, signing up a new distributor, tracking a machine shipment, commissions, company promotions, maintenance, or similar questions, please contact Enagic directly on their website: Enagic.com

For questions pertaining to MKT and our marketing materials, orders, promotions, shipments, email list, etc., please scan through the most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us via email at cs@mykangentools.com

Q. What exactly is "No Apology Pricing"?

A. First of all, we know we have by far the best prices on marketing tools for Enagic distributors. Business training materials are designed to help you build your business. The purpose behind our training series is to help you get the training you need without breaking the bank. Much of the material in our training products is the same material you would hear from a stage or conference that you would pay anywhere from $50 to $250 to attend. Certain business building CD's have this Guarantee so you can feel good knowing that if you feel the audio CD did not live up to your expectations and it didn't include knowledge and expertise that will help you with your business, then we will issue you a credit for the full amount of the product. It's that simple. We Guarantee it.

Q. I am outside of the United States and my order will not go through. I get a message that says you don't ship to my country?

A. If you are outside the US and you get get an error message while trying to place your order, please email Customer Service at cs@mykangentools.com, and we will promptly update our system to ship to your country. Make sure to let us know what country you are trying to ship to. International orders are made at your own risk due to the variability in different mail carriers around the world. Once a package leaves our shipping location it is no longer in our control.

Q. How are the shipping charges figured on my order?

A. Shipping amounts are calculated based on the size and weight of the products you have ordered. Based on that figure, a package size is determined automatically by the system. If your order falls in between two package sizes, the larger package is calculated. If you feel like the shipping on your order is higher than you might expect, you are probably between package sizes. We suggest that you increase the size of your order, and chances are, the shipping will remain the same until you surpass the next package size and weight threshold. If for some reason your order can be packaged into a smaller package than the system automatically figures, you will receive a credit from us for difference between the package size figured versus the package size your order was shipped in.

Q. International Shipping Information & Charges:

A. International shipping is provided as a convenience to our international customers who have asked for the opportunity to receive our materials. However,international orders are made at your own risk due to the variability with different mail carriers around the world. Once a package leaves our shipping location it is no longer in our control. Terms & Conditions

Q. I receive your emails to more than one of my email accounts. How do I remove one or more of them from your mailing list?

A. We do pride ourselves in the fact that we do not send out a very high number of emails to our members. Our average for the last three years is less than 4 per month. The removal process is very simple. Just click 'SafeUnsubscribe' at the bottom of any of the emails, follow the process, and you will be removed immediately. If for some reason you are receiving emails to more than one email address, just click 'SafeUnsubscribe' in the email in your account you no longer wish to receive. If you receive another email from us in the future, we apologize in advance, it may be because you have remained an active customer with us and you may be added automatically by our system. If this is the case, just click 'SafeUnsubscribe' and you will be removed.

Have a question you don't see here? Email Customer Service at: cs@mykangentools.com

More FAQ's coming soon!
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