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Benefits of Kangen Water Brochure (50 pk)


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Benefits of Kangen Water Brochure (50 pk)

This is the FIRST Enagic Approved brochure that includes the company approved health statements that can be legally shared with your prospects. Enagic announced these benefits at the Enagic Global Training in October in Las Vegas.

This brochure from My Kangen Tools is the first ever brochure that specifically lists the approved benefits. It also includes a diagram of the machine and a pH chart to be able to discuss the difference between regular water and Kangen Water. These brochures come in packages of 50. Make sure you have plenty on hand to be able to give to your guests at your water demos.

This is a must brochure for every demo and every person you introduce Kangen Water to.

Sold in 50 packs.
  • Model: BR-BEN


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This is a great brochure! I always get positive feedback when I give it out.



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