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Why Kangen Water? in 20 Minutes DVD (10 pk)


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Get the New "Why Kangen Water? in 20 Minutes" DVD from My Kangen Tools on Vimeo.

My Kangen Tools 3-time International Award Winning Why Kangen Water? DVD helped 1000's of distributors teach their prospects about the benefits of having an Enagic ionizer and Kangen Water in their home. Many leaders point to it as having been the tool they "Pushed Play to Go 6A". With 20 minutes and the touch of a button, you can teach your prospects everything they need to know about Enagic and Kangen Water. Why Kangen Water? in 20 Minutes DVD includes: -The 3 main properties of Kangen Water: Anti-Oxidant, Alkalinity & Micro-Clustering. -Cleaning with Kangen Water -Environmental impact of bottled water -Cooking with Kangen Water. BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE: -pH and ORP testing of dozens of bottled waters not normally tested in a water demo. -The original, full-length water demo without cuts or breaks. Share Kangen Water in just a few minutes with the new Why Kangen Water? In 20 Minutes DVD. Always an affordable and simple way to build your Enagic business. Order yours today! SOLD IN SINGLES - SELECT QUANTITY BELOW DVD'S are $5.00 each when you purchase 1 to 9 DVD's IF YOU WANT MORE THAN 9 SINGLE DVDs we suggest you order from the 10 pack options or combo packs in order to get the best price SAVE $$$ WITH 10 DVD Pack SAVE $$$ WITH 100 DVD / 200 BROCHURE Combo Pack SAVE $$$ WITH 50 DVD / 100 BROCHURE Combo Pack
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Dan Stokley
5 of 5 Stars
DVD is put together very well.. It is short and effective...
Karen Carr
5 of 5 Stars
By far the best DVD yet.. Informative teaching tool on all levels, from explaining dehydration to the state of our health care, showing all the properties of Kangen water in well explained demonstrations and telling the truth about bottled water. And all in 20 minutes. Brilliant!!!
4 of 5 Stars
I liked that it was a short demo, but I wished it mentined something about "how good is the water, the freshness, the how it can help our bodies by drinking it, etc.
Louise Gervais
5 of 5 Stars
Wonderful video. Thank you so much.



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